FishRed mullet

Mullus barbatus

The red mullet can grow to a standard length of 30 cm (12 in), but a more common length is about half that. The body is somewhat laterally compressed. The snout is short and steep and there are no spines on the operculum. The upper jaw is toothless, but there are teeth on the roof of the mouth and on the lower jaw. A pair of moderately long barbels on the chin do not exceed the pectoral fins in length. The first dorsal fin has eight spines (the first one tiny) and the second dorsal fin has one spine and eight soft rays. This fish is rose-pink, without distinctive markings on its fins.

The red mullet is widespread throughout the Adriatic, and it also inhabits the Mediterranean and Black Sea, the coasts of the eastern Atlantic and the Canary Islands.

Latin name

Mullus barbatus

Max. length

30 cm


10 years


Very delicious meat that is most delicious when it is simpler prepared. Stir in grate, in the pan and it is very tasty prepared in foil in the oven.

Red mullet

"The red mullet is less valued than the striped red mullet due to the fact that most of its time is spent in the sand. Her meat is the most delicious in the summer months. "