Merluccius merluccius

Hake is a sea fish of gray color and strong jaws. Its color varies from depth and area where it lives, ranging from shades of light blue to gray on tops (sometimes with shades of gold), and silvery on the hips. After catching it suddenly gray, and due to long standing faded. The inside of his mouth is black. Its largest recorded size is 140cm and 15kg in the Atlantic, and about 10kg in the Adriatic. It lives in sea depths (from 100 to 300m) of the northern Adriatic, the western part of the Atlantic to Iceland and the African and North American coasts.

Throughout our Dalmatian coast there are various names such as donkey, ass, mol, murluc, oslic, tovar, ugota.

Latin name

Merluccius merluccius

Max. length

1,25 m


20 years


The meat is white, with excellent taste, soft and juicy, easily digestible, and thereforeit is recommended in the patient's diet. It can be found fresh (whole), threaded and paned.


When it is about hake, there is no ideal thermal treatment. It can be boiled, baked, pickled and cooked, but also served raw, as it is a fish that is low in the food chain and does not contain much toxins.