Local fishery and aquaculture products
with highest quality and freshness

Fisheries sector

Best recommendation on where to eat
locally caught fish can be given by fishermen

Tourism and Hospitality

Quality Label as a signpost
for foreign and domestic tourists

Why is blue fish so valuable?

Fisherman: Anton Roca
Name/type: Bakul, ICCAT Tuna fishing
Lenght: 10,30m
Built: 2007.g.
Fisherman: Ferdinand Popov
Name/type: Majka Marija, fishing trawler
Lenght: 18,34m
Built: 1987.
Fisherman: Ive Turčinov
Name/type: Tome, trawler
Lenght: 14,5m
Built: 1987

Quality label holders

By offering local fishery and aquaculture products quality labels assigned by the recommendation
of fishermen and shellfish growers will be a signpost for foreign and domestic tourists in our area