Fisheries sector

Local fishery and aquaculture products
with highest quality and freshness

Tourism and Hospitality

Quality Label as a signpost
for foreign and domestic tourists


An exceptional natural and cultural heritage
with a rich gastronomic offer

Why is blue fish so valuable?

Captain: Dario Ferara
Name/type: Hlap, purse seiner
Lenght: 25 m
Built: 1949
Captain: Frane Ferara
Name/type: Albatros mali, purse seiner
Lenght: 17,5 m
Built: 1988
Captain: Filip Bolanča
Name/type: Moja Roža, purse seiner
Lenght: 21,7 m
Built: 1948

Quality label holders

By offering local fishery and aquaculture products quality labels assigned by the recommendation
of fishermen and shellfish growers will be a signpost for foreign and domestic tourists in our area