FishChub mackerel

Scomber Japonicus

Chub mackerel (lat. Scomber Japonicus) is a sea fish from a family of Scombridae. In Croatia it is called plavica.

The chub mackerel has a spindle body, narrow at the tip of the head extending towards the middle of the body and narrowing again towards the tail feather. The tail feather is pulled at the top and bottom and in the middle is deeply cut. Her back is greenish-brown with a perpendicular dark line. It's hard to distinguish it from Atlantic mackerel. Characteristics that differentiate the two are grey freckles on the abdominal and lateral part of the chub, while that part of the body of the atlantic mackerel has muddy color. Chub mackerel has a much bigger eye than the atlantic mackerel.

Latin name

Scomber Japonicus

Max. length

Up to 45 cm



Chub mackerel

In the Adriatic, the chub mackerel can reach up to 45 cm in length and 1.10 kg in weight while elsewhere they can grow up to 3 kg.