Seriola dumerili

Greater amberjack (lat. Seriola dumerili) is a fish from the Carangidae family. In Croatia they are called gof and orhan, and the younger ones are felun or žutej. This is a powerful predator with a powerful, elongated and slightly flattened body.  The body of a greater amberjack is silver-colored, with tiny scales that have a glint in rainbow colors. Towards the belly it is lighter and whiter. On the sides there is a very noticeable side line, and from the back to the eye there is a brown-orange line. The front of the back and the ankle flaps is lifted. Greater amberjack lives in all the warmest seas of the world, growing up to 180 cm in length and 80 kg in weight. In Adriatic it grows just over 50 kg. Depending on the sea temperature, it changes the area where it lives, so in winter it lives deeper and at the end of spring it approaches the surface layer of the sea.

Usually, we use the name of felun or žutej, for many are not even aware that it is actually a small amberjack. The reason for this is their yellowish color, which does not even remind of the color of an adult goof. Feluni gather in bigger flocks and live and hunt together. In the first year of age, felun weighs about 1 kg, and is kept closer to the shore in search of tiny fish, cephalopods and shrimps. Over the next two years, he goes from feluna to amberjack, changes color, and in three years weights ower 5 kg. Adult specimens live as singles or in smaller groups. It's mouth is constantly open, and has no teeth but a rough, toothed jaw to catch the food. His food is primarily the other fish, but he also eats crabs and cephalopods. Amberjack spawns in the middle of spring, and sexually matures about in the third year of life. Amberjack lives up to 360 m in depths and lives up to 15 years.

Latin name

Seriola dumerili

Max. length

up to 180 cm


Up to 15 yrs


High percentage of protein and a low percentage of fat


It is highly valued for eating fish, its meat contains a relatively high percentage of protein and a low percentage of fat. It is usually classified as a high quality fish, and the most popular and cheerful part of the amberjack is part of the body behind the head or above the stomach.