FishermenAlbert Popov, Marija

Fisherman: Albert Popov

I am a second generation fisherman and a member of a large fishing family from Tribunj. I've learned to fish from my cousin, an old Tribunj fisherman. I fish mainly with beach seine, and purse seine for large pelagic fish. My most common catch is Salema porgy, Saddled seabream, Common dentex, Common two-banded seabream and they end up in the markets of Šibenik-Knin, Split and Zadar counties. I can say that fishing is difficult, but that is the charm of this profession. Not only do I love this job, I am passionate about it and I can't imagine doing any other job.


Marija, purse seine for large pelagic fish






743 VD



743 VD

At the time when everyone is deserting fishing, my whole family has found their future in it. I've managed to pass my love for sea and fishing to my childred and I am proud to say that all my 11 children have shown interest in fishing and 4 are already actively working on fishing vessels. My children and I are also big fans of the wooden fishing boats which we build and maintain at a local shipyard in Sovlje.