FishGilthead seabream

Sparus aurata

Gilthead seabream is one of the most noble types of Adriatic white fish.

Its beauty stands out as powerful and robust, with powerful and developed jaws and large lips.

The gilthead bream is generally considered the best-tasting of the breams. It is the single species of the genus Sparus – the Latin name for this fish – which has given the whole family of Sparidae its name. Its specific name, aurata, derives from the gold bar marking between its eyes.

Most of the village lives in the whole Mediterranean. Within the Adriatic Sea, it has a population of mostly 5-10 m deep during the summer and up to 50 meters in the winter and is very sensitive to sea temperature.

Apart from the Adriatic, it is spread throughout the Mediterranean and the eastern Atlantic.

There are as many as thirty names in use, of which more often are used: mosquito larvae, blacksmiths, dinigla, lovatra, ovrata, golden, sekulica, štrigavica and others.

Latin name

Sparus aurata

Max. length

up to 70 cm


13 years


Gilthead bream is exceptionally appreciated in gastronomy and has the most delicious meat of all kinds of white fish, relatively small bones, exceptional and characteristic flavor, and is easy to prepare.

Gilthead seabream

The gilthead  is a hermaphrodite. In the first period of life, a male is born and, for the first time he spawns (reaches a weight of about 0.50 kg) turns into a female and thus remains for the rest of his life.