Presentation of the pilot project "Fishermen recommend" in Tribunj

The project coordinator is the Fisheries local action group "Galeb"

In Tribunj at konoba Bepo , on 26.06.2017. a presentation of the pilot project "Fishermen recommend was held. The project coordinator is the Fisheries local action group "Galeb", and the funds for the implementation of the project are approved from the European maritime and fisheries fund.

The purpose of the project is to produce quality labels that will be assigned to catering facilities according to the recommendation of fishermen and shellfish growers. The Quality Label will be a signpost for foreign and domestic tourists in our area which will lead them to catering facilities offering local fishery and aquaculture products. The successful implementation of the project will help to establish our area as a tourist destination with an exceptional natural and cultural heritage and a rich gastronomic offer based on fishery products.

The idea for the project derives from the fact that the annual catch of fishermen in LAGUR area is 3,547 tons, of which 2,900 refers to sardines and anchovies, and on the other there are 166 catering facilities and two national parks which represent great potential for marketing and consumption of fish.

In the first phase of the project, emphasis is placed on the small blue fish, and its top quality and positive health impact will be promoted. This fish is relatively unknown to tourists and has enormous potential in gastronomy and is available throughout the year. The idea was recognized by 12 caterers who responded to the collaboration and in their menus offer alongside white fish sardines and anchovies delicacies. Quality labels “Fishermen recommend” will be assigned to catering facilities according to the recommendation of fishermen.

Within the project, a bilingual website was launched, where all "networked" catering facilities and fishermen can easily be found in the database, as well as information about their vessels' movement, or whether they are on the sea. This way fishermen and his fish can be traced from sea to table. Brochures and business cards are made and will be distributed in the forthcoming period.

Further project steps have been announced: creation of a promotional film - One Day with Fishermen on the Sea, investment in further promotion of the project, creation of a common menu of caterers and promotion of the LAGUR area as an area recognizable by fisheries and local gastronomy.

Presentation was attended by fishermen, caterers, and representatives of tourist boards and local governments.  After the presentation they could taste numerous delicacies from blue fish prepared by the host, also one of the caterers who entered the project.

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