Caterers on the presentation of the pilot project "Fishermen recommend"

In the Hotel Olympia in Vodice, on March 3. 2017, FLAG "Galeb" presented the idea of ​​the pilot project "Fisherman recommend" to the caterers. The goal of the project is to connect local caterers and fishermen, and to foster the distinctiveness of local gastronomic offerings. The students of the Tourism and Catering School Šibenik participated in the event and presented with their mentors the innovative dishes of blue fish.

FLAG GALEB’s manager briefly presented the role and importance of fisheries local action groups, and highlighted the need to link local stakeholders in fisheries. FLAG "Galeb" is currently in the preparatory phase where it is necessary to develop a fisheries local development strategy, followed by co-financing of end-user projects in the fisheries sector with funds allocated to fisheries local action groups in the Republic of Croatia worth 22.000.000 EUR.

The pilot project "Fishermen recommend" was presented by expert associate Ante Sladoljev, who said that the story begins with local fishermen and the desire to improve the marketing of fish and the connection with catering facilities offering local fishery and aquaculture products in their menu, thereby contributing to a better tourist offer and promotion.

Caterers showed interest in joining the pilot project and agreed to meet again to agree on further steps and co-operation.

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