FishermenŠimun Popov, Zdrava Marija

Fisherman: Šimun Popov

I'm the third generation of fishermen in my family. I learned fishing from a young age from my father and two uncles. I became the captain of a fishing boat at the age of 20. I enjoy this profession because I managed to surround myself with the young, hardworking and responsible guys in my crew and because of the great support of the family. Part of the year, we hunt sardines, which we mostly sell for processing, in winter we catch flathead grey mullet, atlantic bonito, seabream and other large pelagic fish while in summer we eork with floating longlines and mostly hunt swordfih. 


Zdrava Marija, ciplara, palamidara, srdelara, ploveći parangal


15 m








To me and my colleagues on board, the biggest adrenaline rush is when we spot a shoal of large pelagic fish like atlantic bonito or seabream and when we start surrounding a shoal with a 'wall' of netting. I can say that the fishermen's job is difficult but it's not a problem and we mostly do it with pleasure.