CaterersPlavi val guesthouse

Plavi val guesthouse

PLAVI VAL guesthouse is located in a very beautiful and quiet bay Sovlje near Tribunj. It was opened in 1994, and to this day, for 26 years, the Cvitan family has been happiliy hosting its guests. It can be said that this catering facility has a long tradition because the third generation of the Cvitan family also participates in contributing to the quality of service and food preparation.


Lokvice 4, 22212 Tribunj - Sovje



+385 98 337 154

Contact person

Dražen Cvitan

22212 Tribunj - Sovje

In Plavi val, Dalmatian cuisine specialties are mostly offered, and the daily offer includes dishes of fresh fish, crabs and shellfish caught by local fishermen, which directly strengthens local fishing.